Fancy Dress Costume Theme Parties

Theme parties are great fun.  Often I can display an appropriate slideshow on the video screens for early in the evening, and will dress in appropriate costume for the night.

Here are some theme party ideas to consider…

Alice in Wonderland – Host your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
Army – Camo nets, plastic guns, lots of khaki
Beach – Towel, Shorts, Shirt, & Cap or possibly Bikinis
Circus – Clowns, Animals, Freaks
Hippy 60s – Flower Power Baby
Disco/70s – Saturday Night Fever
Eighties (80s) – Big Hair, Bright Clothes, Bad make-up
Forest/Jungle – Plants, Vines, Tarzan and the Apes
Future/Science Fiction – Star Trek, Matrix, Buck Rogers, Futurama
Halloween – Ghoulish creatures of the night, coffins, spider webs
Lord of the Rings – Middle Earth Party
Margaritaville – Hawaiian Shirts
Masquerade – Dress up in formal attire
Medieval – Knights & Damsels in Distress, Castles and Dragons
Monster – Vampires, Demons, Trolls, Witches
Movie Star – Dress up or down – lots of options here
Space – Star Wars, UFOs, Aliens
Super Hero – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men
Wild West – Cowboys and Saloon Girls