Top Ten Tips for your Wedding MC (Master of Ceremonies)

Most people are pleased when a friend or family member asks them to be their wedding master of ceremonies. It’s only later that they wonder exactly what does the mc do at a wedding?

The wedding master of ceremonies is basically responsible for ensuring the various events that take place during the wedding reception run in a smooth and orderly fashion, and on time.

It is at this point many a prospective wedding mc will start to panic. There is a lot of standing up in front of the wedding guests and making announcements, which can be daunting if you aren’t used to public speaking. This is natural – public speaking is often sited amongst peoples biggest fears, but with a little planning beforehand you can really enjoy the day and give your friends a wedding to remember.

Wedding MC announcements after the ceremony include going through the venue rules and outlining the plan for the day, then guiding the guests to the correct area for canapes. 

Having all of the guests seated on time for dinner is the next responsibility, before announcing the arrival of the bridal party.  Also the cutting of the wedding cake during dinner.  Perhaps the bouquet toss if earlier, though I recommend to do this later, after the dj starts.

And of course you will also introduce each person who is making a speech or toast.

Even though the wedding master of ceremonies does not generally make a speech (unless they are also the best man) the thought of speaking in public fills many with fear. Heres a quick list of ten tips to help…

1.Don’t forget your notes and reading glasses if you need them.

2.Take some long deep breaths before you begin. As you exhale tell yourself to relax.

3.Hold your head up, look around the room and give everyone a big smile.

4.If there is one tip to remember, this is it.  Get everyones attention BEFORE you begin the actual announcement. Call for everyones attention loudly and clearly. Don’t try and speak over everyone – make sure the room is quiet before you begin. 

5.Don’t mumble. If there is no microphone speak loud and clear so everyone can hear you. In the days and weeks before the reception practice projecting your voice. If using a microphone make sure you know how it works – test it well beforehand so you know how close you need to hold the mic to your mouth for best sound and performance.

6. When making the announcements, establish eye contact with a person, hold for a few seconds then look around the room and find someone else to look at for a few seconds.

7. Keep your introductions short – no rambling – limit your drinking until after the dj takes over.

8. Wedding mc jokes are important but must not offend or embarrass anyone too much. There are great resources for appropriate wedding jokes on the net. The best jokes for weddings are ALWAYS stories based on something that actually happened.

9. Try to look confident even if you are not feeling overly confident; and accept it is natural to feel nervous.

10. You are not the star of the show and it is not your job to entertain everyone for the whole day. Understand that you are really the facilitator introducing the stars and guiding the guests to enjoy the day.

Most importantly, remember the more time you spend planning and organising for the big day, the easier it will be for you to relax and enjoy the occasion.

If you have any questions regarding your wedding day entertainment, please contact Leigh from Cheers DJ Entertainment.