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How much do you charge?

It’s difficult to give you a price without knowing a little more about your requirements.  I offer different options for weddings, parties, and events, depending on the time you want me onsite, and the equipment required for your venue and the number of guests.  Please send me a message with some info, and I will send you options with pricing

What music do you play?

Anything that you like.  I play appropriate music for different stages.  Everything from Dinner or Cocktail Music through to Dancefloor Bangers when its time to fill the dancefloor.  I am happy reading the crowd and playing from your requested favourites.  I will also take requests from your guests.  I am an experienced club dj and  also used to spin vinyl records at Dance Parties so know all the dj mixing tricks to keep your dancefloor moving.

Can I give you a list of music to play?

Yes of course.  I prefer a list of just your favourite songs, so it allows some flexibility for what is working on the night.  If you want to specify every song from start to finish, it kind of  defeats the purpose of having an experienced dj that is able to select the best songs for your dancefloor from moment to moment.  To be honest, you might as well just set an ipod playlist, or use spotify, and save some money.

What Do You Wear?

I will wear attire appropriate for the occasion.  For weddings and corporate events, dress trousers and collared shirt and sometime a suit jacket depending on the occasion.  If its more casual, sometimes dress jeans or trousers and a collared shirt.  I dont do ties unless specifically asked to wear one beforehand.  I also enjoy dressing up for theme and fancy dress parties

Do You Offer Karaoke Services?

No sorry.  Having said that, I do have a lot of karaoke versions of songs (maybe 12000) and I have wireless microphones, so theoretically someone could sing if they wanted to, but only after permission from the person that hired me.  I do not offer a full karaoke host service but can recommend a very good one if that is what you are looking for – contact us

Do You Offer MC Services (Master Of Ceremonies)?

I am happy to make announcements over the microphone as required, but I do not offer a full MC Service, at weddings for example.  I think you are better to have someone involved that knows the family and can make things more personal without it being awkward.  Having said that, I have stepped in a few times at weddings or events where the MC wasn’t able to perform their duties and did ok at it, but there are professional MC’s available that can do a far better job.

Civil Unions?

Yes, no problem at all.  I have enjoyed providing the highest quality dj entertainment for a number of Civil Unions, even one or two before the law changed.

Can You Be Trusted?

Yes, absolutely.  I perform at many ‘high-end’ events including Government and Diplomat Functions, and hold a current NZ Security License.  I have never ditched an event.  I operate a ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ policy and anything that happens on the night, stays there.  You wont find me sharing photos or videos of anything embarrassing or incriminating.  All of my equipment has been PAT Tested.

Will You Meet With Me?

Yes, definitely.  I highly recommend that you meet with all djs that you are considering to make sure that they are a good fit for your requirements.  All of my dj packages include as many meetings as you want, to make sure that we are on the same page regarding details for your wedding or event.

Do you require a deposit and when do I pay the balance?

A deposit is required to secure your booking date of $200 or 20%, whichever is highest.  Balance must be paid on or before the night, unless prior arrangements have been made.  If you cancel and we are able to find another booking of similar value for your date, then we will refund your deposit.  If no booking can be found, deposit is non refundable.

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