Fancy Dress Costume Theme Parties

Theme costume parties are great fun.

Here are some theme party ideas to consider…

Alice in Wonderland – Host your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
Army – Camo nets, plastic guns, lots of khaki
Beach – Towel, Shorts, Shirt, & Cap or possibly Bikinis
Circus – Clowns, Animals, Freaks
Hippy 60s – Flower Power Baby
Disco/70s – Saturday Night Fever
Eighties (80s) – Big Hair, Bright Clothes, Bad make-up
Forest/Jungle – Plants, Vines, Tarzan and the Apes
Future/Science Fiction – Star Trek, Matrix, Buck Rogers, Futurama
Halloween – Ghoulish creatures of the night, coffins, spider webs
Lord of the Rings – Middle Earth Party
Margaritaville – Hawaiian Shirts
Masquerade – Dress up in formal attire
Medieval – Knights & Damsels in Distress, Castles and Dragons
Monster – Vampires, Demons, Trolls, Witches
Movie Star – Dress up or down – lots of options here
Space – Star Wars, UFOs, Aliens
Super Hero – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, X-Men
Wild West – Cowboys and Saloon Girls